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A Portrait of Helen Fathers and a donation to the city of White Rock.

My Why:

February 2022 hit me like a ton of bricks when my dear friend Helen Fathers passed away.

Helen Fathers and Jessica Fairweather circa 1999

I met Helen in 1997 when I started working at Earls at 17. You can only imagine the impression, mentoring and friendship we have endured. She is the closest thing I have ever had to a big sister.

Helen was instrumental in my approach to being an artist and always took the time to encourage and promote my work.

I am an artist, and my best pieces are usually out of sadness and dealing with my feelings. In my heart, to heal, I have to put my feelings down and create

The glass mosaic portrait of Helen is based on a picture given to me by her husband, Rob Frost.

The mosaic is 30 by 23 inches and made from glass, glue and gout on a wooden substrate. The mosaic is made to be for indoors or outdoors, handle the weather, and not fade over time.

I want to donate the glass mosaic I created to a public space. Since the White Rock Farmers Market was her heart and soul, I thought it was appropriate to be near that area.

I think the community would like to be reminded of Helen's kind smile and the fantastic sparkle in her eyes.

I have moved forward in working towards donating this mosaic to the city of White Rock. As of 02/29/24, a proposal is currently waiting to be approved by the White Rock Public Art and Culture Committee. I will update this post when I know more.

As always, incredibly grateful to continue learning, creating, teaching, and inspiring.

Jessica Fairweather

Artist and Instructor

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