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Testimonials and Media


"Jessica Fairweather was commissioned to do a mosaic for me in March 2020. The piece exceeded my expectations and was completed very quickly and ahead of schedule.
I have been following her art for over 20 years This is the second mosaic that she has done for me and it is amazing to see her progression as an artist. I find it fascinating as her art moves from three dimensional mosaics of glass and cement to two dimensional paintings and drawings with the same coherent mosaic style.
Jessica is an outstanding artist who always meets her deadlines on time and is passionate about her craft."

SD 2020

"I have watched Jessica’s mosaics over the years hang on the walls and sell before I could get a chance to get my hands on one. Finally for my moms 70th birthday during the pandemic I knew it was the best time to commission a portrait mosaic. We discussed several mediums just to be sure, and looked over the photos for reference together as we decided on the perfect image for the perfect piece. She even hand delivered the beautiful portrait of my mom on her birthday! Jessicas knowledge and skills in all art mediums was excellent in deciding on the best gift ever."

RM 2019

"Jessica Fairweather is a unique, creative local artist whose passion and professionalism is expressed consistently throughout her pieces. She designs to specification and is very easy to collaborate with. Her work is done on time, and she is very creative with many mediums.
I have been fortunate enough to see Jessica grow as an artist for the past 20 something years. Her original use of color and keen eye to detail sets her apart and continues to impress. Jessica is a true professional and a great communicator. She clearly expresses her vision and listens to fully understand the proposed project at hand. Timelines and expectations are always met, if not exceeded."

SG 2020


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